Staging: What should sellers know about staging their homes

Home staging (Wikipedia)could be difficult for some since most of home staging services is a bit expensive. However, there are ways on how to do it on your own. Yes, just on your own!

There are some tips on how to make the decorations appealing to the buyer. We really don’t have to put up expensive furniture just to impress. It could have simple but elegant decorations without too much money to spend.

“A fresh coat of paint immediately feels clean and new. I like to use a neutral, light beige-gray—or what I like to call ‘greige.’ It is light enough that it brightens up a space, neutral enough to serve as a canvas for staging almost any decor, and it’s not a stark white calling out a possibly not-so-distant memory of certain rental properties. Window treatments also always add a finished look to any home, plus, hanging curtains as high as possible will add height to shorter ceilings and showcase higher ones.”
—Cheryl Eisen

“Declutter, depersonalize, and clean the property until it sparkles.”
—Anne Kenney

“Add a bedroom seating area: It seems counterintuitive to pack in more furniture, but if you have the space put an upholstered bench or chair and a side table in a corner. It’ll give the impression that the room is larger.”

–  Colleen Egan

“Cover up bad views with sheers, add mirrors to make spaces look larger, and add bowls of fresh lemons or apples.”
—Meridith Baer

The sooner you meet the needs and market your home around what today’s home buyers expect, the sooner you’ll sell your home!



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